Comparison of Softwares

software-for-pc-comparison (1)


There is a big variety of softwares designers and even beginners have  when it comes to the choice of software for projection mapping. Some are excellent, some are average, some require payment, and some are free. I have decided to create a comparison chart for different softwares for both: Mac and PC.

For PC:

Touch Designer‘s user reviews are good, and according to them it is mostly for the advanced crowd. The price tag is not small either: the price for commercial license for paid projects is $599 USD, and the price for pro license including support is $2200 USD. 

Resolume Arena 4 is available for Mac and PC, and has good user reviews as well. According to user reviews, the software is worth the money. The software is mostly known as an instrument for VJ, but it also contains a powerful projection mapping backend with support for multiple projectors and edge blending. The price is 499 EU.


VPT7 is a multipurpose realtime projection software tool for both Mac and PC. The best part is that it is absolutely free. Quality and ability wise it is a bit behind other softwares (but free things are rarely of super quality anyway).

For Mac:

Madmapper provides a simple and easy tool for video-mapping projections and LED mapping, and gets rid of a lot of the confusion related to this medium. It allows the artist or designer to focus on creating their  content, and making the experience of mapping textures to physical objects in real time, fun. The have various price rates: for example one can pay €760 EU for a license for 5 computers, or 2976 EU for 20 computers, there are also educational price rates available.

Millumin is a rapidly growing tool for warping video. It offers non-linear video editing tools, has many tutorials and interfaces well with After Effects. The is a 30 day trial version of the software available. One can purchase the full version for €599 EU.

There are also other softwares available, such as:

Arkaos GrandVJ XT, Mapio 2 Pro, Splash, Green Hippo, MWM-MultiWindowMapper etc.

The amount of softwares available is big, all it takes is just a bit of research.



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